Welcome to the Micro BLT-Worthy project! Here is some information to guide you when participating in this project, things to look for, and what the goals are. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

The goal with this project is to develop multiple varieties of Micro Tomatoes which produce tomatoes that are a good size, and offer up the taste of a good summer tomato that you would typically use on a BLT. I think everyone might have a slightly different take on what makes a good tomato for a BLT - but with summer tomatoes, this is typically a LARGE tomato. Beefsteaks are typical, but not the only style. Some people like a buttery taste, and some more acidic. I think what matters is that it HAS flavor, and is not mushy.

For the size, it's unlikely we're going to develop a micro tomato that produces tomatoes that can cover a whole slice of bread with a single slice of the tomato, but we do expect to develop some that are larger that a few slices can get you to BLT heaven!

This project is a bit less "science-ey" than the Multi Flora project, but can be a lot of fun!