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Privacy Policy

Collection of Information

Protollix, LLC dba Databound Software (hereafter, "the operators") collects various information on users as a general practice of operating the dicussion forum ""(hereafter, "the service"). This information may be of a personal nature, including, but not limited to, information such as First and Last name, Date of Birth, Email Address, and Mailing Address.

Usage of Information Collected
Maintaining User Accounts

The primary purpose of collecting various information on users is to provide discussion and collaboration services to these users in the course of interacting with "the service" and other users. In order to ensure a users privacy, a user is required to create a "user account", and can offer up as much or as little personal information as they wish. However, at a minimum, an Email Address and Username are required to participate in "the service". "The service" makes available to the user several options and settings which allows the user to control the display of their information to other users.

Usage of Personal Information

Any information collected for use with "the service" is intended solely for use with "the service", and is not intended to be used for any marketing purposes. By nature of submitting certain contact information, such as an Email Address, allows "the service" to send notifications to the user, if they so allow it in their settings and profile options. This allows other users to contact them, via the forum as an intermediary, without directly exposing that contact information to the other users. If a user does not wish to receive notifications or communications from "the service", either directly from "the service", or from "the service" on behalf of other users, then a user can disable this.

"The operators" warrant that any personal information collected by "the service" will never be sold or disclosed to third parties

Aggregated Information

"The operators" may collect de-identified information in aggregate from "the service" for the purposes of statistical analysis. This information is primarily used to measure the usage of "the service" and to help plan expansion of infrastructure to operate "the service".


"The service" uses cookies, which are encoded bits of information that store some basic information on you, like a session identifier and username. These cookies are used to keep you logged in while you explore and participate in "the service". These cookies are not used to track your movement anywhere else on the internet and are only used for "the service". This cookie data is not shared with any other party and is not used whatsoever for any kind of marketing or advertising purposes.