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    OK. I'm trying again this year, now that my deer fence has been replaced.

    I have twelve kinds of multifloras blooming and setting fruit.

    I sowed ten dwarf varieties later, in the greenhouse, and they are just starting to flower.

    I emasculated them and went out to the garden to collect pollen from the multifloras. I held a black plastic yogurt lid under open flowers which I tapped. No pollen. I did this to dozens of flowers from about half of the multifloras. None. They must have produced some because their earlier flowers have developed fruit.

    I finally did get pollen from a plant from the Q-series Panamorous grex from the Experimental Farm Network. I don't want to use it, though, as I have no idea yet what it is going to be like.

    So, why did none of my named multifloras drop me some pollen? It is sunny, 21 C (about 70 F), just before noon.
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      Well, I tried again today with no success. While I was trying for pollen, though, I noticed lots of bumblebees. They checked each flower but only entered some of them, so I guess they can tell when a flower has no pollen. And, of course, once they've finished with a flower, it won't be giving me any pollen.

      So I've cut small branches of flowers that are still pale yellow, and have them in glasses of water in the house. No bumblebees inside, so I hope I'll get some pollen in a day or two.


        Interesting. Is it possible that the anther cone is tight enough that pollen just isn't coming out? When I was gathering pollen for my two attempted crosses (neither micros), I got copious amounts of pollen from both Reverend Mike Keyes and Shule's selection of Galapagos. I think I gathered pollen sometime around mid-day.

        Keep us updated!


          Are you tapping or buzzing? I found I got more pollen with the child's electric toothbrush then just tapping...


            I'm tapping. I have never seen an electric toothbrush. Do you touch the flower with the bristles?
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              I got a cheapie from Walmart child size as it cost the least. I set the back of the vibrating head on the flower or on the stem near the flower. You can see the flower shake/vibrate if you have it in the right place. If there is any pollen it will come out.