In big tomato plants I love the spicy flavor of Green Zebra, the earthy, smoky complex flavors of a good black and crave a chance to taste the fruity flavors of bi colors and whites... Sadly it is hard for me to grow these tomatoes here due to my short growing season and cool nights. So what if we could bring them to our micro dwarf tomatoes?

I do know I can get the colors and in fact we already have some really colorful tomatoes in our projects. One set of seeds I have here are from a 113X F5 that came from a 9 inch plant that make purple with green stripes tomatoes. I have also seen others who have different colors in their lines.

My quest is to try and bring those big plant flavors AND colors into our micro dwarfs. I think the color part will be easy but the flavors may prove to be more difficult so any hints or idea are welcome.

Current plans - Winter 2021 cross Fat Frog and Rosy Finch to bring together many of the solid color genes. Grow out some of those 113X-F5 sees and see what color tomatoes they make. Possibly try crossing them to Fat Frog and Rosy Finch depending on the colors and flavors of them. Since these are all micro dwarf tomatoes I can grow them under the lights in my room and hopefully get some successful crosses done that I can grow out in spring.