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Basket tomatoes

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    Basket tomatoes

    Admission: I've never grown basket tomatoes!

    Before this project can really kick off, I need to build up some seed inventory to work with. As such, I've started a few different varieties this year. The intention is primary to just collect seeds - and perhaps make a cross or two to get things going. At the moment I am growing out:

    Tumbling Tom Yellow
    Cherry Falls
    Ramblin Stripe (not entirely sure this is a basket variety)

    So, there likely won't be much in the way of updates on this project for a good while.

    My favourite tumblers are Bajaja, Maskotka, and Red Profusion.

    I grew Tumbling Tom Junior Yellow and was disappointed by the flavour - until I fried one! It is one of the nicest frying tomatoes I've ever tasted.

    42 Days isn't listed as a tumbler, but I would classify its growth habit as a tumbler.