This year was a total bust for all of my garden and my health issues are in full blown you are worthless mode. I am struggling with feelings of being so far behind everyone else in the project that I am more a hinderance then help.

My large tomatoes stalled once planted out so none of my planned crosses were done. The 172X F3 I grew out were mostly worthless with only a couple having any sort of taste I would want to carry on. None brought forward peppery flavor of the parent plant. So yeah big fat zero as far as micros went

Trying to think of things I can do this winter with the micros besides just raising them to eat. I do have more of the original 172X F2 seed I was sent and I could start more of them. I also have some F3 seeds from other plants from last year that I could grow out. Which could possibly move the BLM project forward...

Of course those don't help help with my desire to try to make new crosses and since it is winter I am limited to small plants. I could possibly grow a small 24 to 30 inch tall plant to use but that leaves me with very limited options... One plant that could be of interest is Geranium Kiss. It is a small multiflora with red tomatoes. Other smaller plants/dwarfs I have are Silvery Fir Tree, Lime Green Salad, and Dwarf Mandurang Moon. The last is a smaller potato leaf plant with small white elongated cherry tomatoes.