Since my last posts I have been reading and learning a lot. This has changed how I am thinking about approaching my quest for a white micro. Current information is r- is a yellow allele that makes the pale flesh desired in a white then you combine that with a clear epidermis for what folks would call a white.

The most suggested path is to cross a yellow to a white. F1 would be r r- and appear yellow. F2 I could get my white but it would be a matter of picking the palest yellow and checking to see if it has a clear or yellow epidermis.... for this one I would use Jachalos x Melon Ball as my cross to produce a sweet fruity tasting white.

Then I saw a discussion about bi colors. Bi color is also supposed to be a yellow allele in this case ry. It was suggested that if you crossed your bi color to a red or pink any yellows in your F2 and on would be your ry ie bicolor gene. This approach is intriguing and I feel it could work just as well for my white search.

For this approach I would actually start with Rosy Finch. I liked the growth habit and productivity of it last year but was not impressed with the flavor. I also liked the size and shape of the tomatoes. But what really made me choose it for this path was the fact it is a pink. Pink tomatoes already have the clear epidermis I want for whites which means one less thing to worry about collecting. F1 from a Rosy Finch x white would be Pink. F2 would be either Pink or white. I could use Melon Ball for this one also or pick any of the 4 or 5 other whites I have in my seed collection. I am leaning towards Blonde Boar for this cross...

And of course I have to leave room for the 172X F3 I want to grow.