F1 seed in the ground right now prepping for winter:

"heirloom" aerogarden micro x baby jade - just emerged
hardin's mini x baby jade
baby jade x "heirloom" aerogarden micro

Micros for trialling and crossing, seed in the ground right now:

Farthest north
Blaue zimmertomate
Gold pearls
Balcony bajaja

Micro plants I've liked and am intending on setting up F1 crosses with:

Fat frog - green, sweet, but low productivity and not really a tangy green flavour
Moment - tastes great, a little on the small side, reaosnably productive
Pygmy - very small, very productive

Pollen parents of interest:

A zesty green I've been saving seeds from that is probably KARMA miracle
Sweet baby jade dwarf which is a little sweet but is a nice green PL
Taiga which is a multicoloured, very well-flavoured heart with different profiles depending on when it's eaten
Uluru ochre which is a dwarf with black and green genes (haven't tasted the fruit yet)
Mikado black which is an early beefsteak black PL I'm fond of
Carbon because it's tasty and a classic
Lucinda which is slow and a shy bearer for me but has the beautiful carrot foliage and is already green
Silvery fir tree because it's tasty and pretty and early
Maybe lime green salad, since it's a dwarf and tasty?
A green cherry I selected out of a grocery store green cherry, which is melony and very green when ripe (no yellow blush or epidermis)

I have some crosses beween the above pollen parents ripening seed for their F1s right now but I sadly didn't keep most of my micros from last winter, so I'm only restoring them again now. I have some hydroponics spots for cuttings from the pollen parents if all the micros I'm crossing them into aren't flowering by my looming end of season.