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MTDP Status Report - 2021 - June

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    MTDP Status Report - 2021 - June

    It looks like semi-annually will be the cadence until we have more going on. We still have a small number of participants, and we're still building up some stock and progressing some lines past the F2 stage to allow participants the ability to focus down more.

    As you've likely seen, the first round of focus crosses have been posted for both the BLT and MF projects. The intention here is focus the small number of resources currently available to target some lines that showed good potential already for their respective projects. Once we explore those we will start a round 2 with different crosses.

    I have not seen many updates over the past few months, but we're also in prime gardening season for most of the participants, and micros tend to get more attention in the off months. For myself, the summer garden is indeed taking up a lot of my free time, as like many of you, I have other "projects" going on and exploring new varieties, etc.

    So with that in mind, most of the updates below are related to some I'm growing out for the focus lines

    BLT Worthy Project

    F3-8 - I kept one plant. The F2 of this one was MF, but this plant did not turn out to be MF. It is a 8-10" plant, with carrot-leaved foliage, and just a few fruits. One has been pulled so far and it weighed in at 39g and is about the size of a US half dollar. Not quite ready for tasting. Unless the taste is amazing, will likely not save seed from this one. You will notice this is not a focus cross for BLT. It was started with the intention of growing for MF, but since it did not present MF and had decent sized fruits, I decided to see what it would do. Might be saved for Round 2, we'll see.

    F3 - HL2601 is working on growing this out. Found one plant that produced R/Y striped fruit, with pink skin, but was lacking in flavor. The striping was present in the F2, so presume it will keep popping up

    F2 RL - three plants kept. While the taste on two was good, the fruits were small and slightly oblong. One of the three is showing promise and is a 12" plant with rugose foliage, and did require staking. It appears to have a growth habit like a dwarf (but micro). Currently has seven fruits, one of which has been harvested at 24g. One of the fruits is from a megablossom. If the taste is anything like the other two, this will be a candidate to carry forward

    Multi Flora Project

    Unfortunately, the MF trait seems to be accompanied by low fruit set, generally speaking. From last season, I know this is not always the case, but does seem to happen more often than not in the lines I've worked with thus far. Of those below, only 150X T2C5-1 has shown signs of any meaningful production. Will see how the others progress as more flowers open.

    F3 and F4 - HL2601 is progressing a few selections here with MF and heart-shaped fruit traits, and apparently decent fruit set!

    F3 T2C5-1 - Have a few going, but most didn't set fruit. One is a 10" plant, heavily multi-flora, and has currently set 15 fruits. Keeping an eye on this one

    F3 T2C5-5 - Also have a few going, only one showing some consideration. 6" plant (not heavily) multi-flora, six fruits, but they are decent size for such a tiny plant.

    F3-DF1 - From stock Dan had labeled as 163X F3 5. One plant remaining, 12-14" with carrot-leaved foliage. Heavily Multi-Flora. Only three fruits thus far.

    F3-DF2 - From stock Dan had labeled as 163X F3 M, which should be a mix from different F2s. One plant remaining which is a 8" plant with carrot-leaved foliage. Heavily Multi-Flora, but also only three fruits.

    Basket Tumblers Project

    I started a few different varieties, but they seemed to be growing up as a normal indeterminate. I will revisit these when things are not so hectic so I can pay them more attention

    Decorative Project

    Currently growing out some tomato cousins - taking notes, and focusing mostly on just getting more seeds of each. I will make a post in this project's forum with some more info on what I am growing for now.

    My grow out from "steak sauce" has 3 plants with tomatoes one of which is nearly ripe... will post on their thread when it is ripe and I can tell how it will taste


      End of season for me and none of my F3 produced anything worth carrying on. None of my seeds are from lines yall are concentrating on. None of my planned crosses got made as both DH and I spent the early spring fighting back injuries... So Time to decide what my next move will be.


        wykvlvr I can send you some more seeds if you would like


          SeanInVa Thanks for the offer. To be honest I actually have a lot of F2 through F5 seeds here but none except the 172X are on the list of crosses being followed right now. I have 3 more batches of 172X F3 seeds I kept from last year that I can grow out plus I still have some of the 172X F2 that were sent to me last year. So I have plenty of seeds just none of what you are now concentrating on...
          I just need to decide what I want to work on since neither of the main projects actually excite me. I am sadly craving colors, not just the red or yellow most commercially available micros have but browns, purples, greens, and pinks... bi colors, stripes, etc wry grin my eyes taste tomatoes first then my mouth and I adore the variety of flavors the different colors bring to the table.