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172X F2 plant types

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    172X F2 plant types

    In my first batch of seedlings of 172X I had a number of variations in leaf and growth patterns. ALL that I kept produced fuzzy tomatoes except E2 who has not bloomed.
    All but E2 are in 3/4 gallon pots, grown under LED lights and in temperatures that have ranged from 60 to 70 degrees. Mostly in the low 60s since it started getting cold. I put another piece of rigid insulation between them and the wall to try and bring up the temperatures and it seems to be helping. E2 is in a smaller 6 inch pot from Lowes the same size I have my Micro Tom in.

    I have 3 plants that have nearly ripe tomatoes. The almost ripe tomatoes now feel like peaches just slightly fuzzy. These plants are compact to fairly compact and are shown in photos in this post.
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    On the other hand I have some really rangy, gangly looking plants.
    Then there is E2 aka Tiny who is actually too dense but is also very short and compact. E2 has not bloomed yet or even developed flower buds...
    And a possible potato leaf... who is about med way between rangy and compact and has a single tomato developing.