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About 149X

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    About 149X

    Female Parent
    Variety: 82X F3-1
    Growth Type: Micro
    Leaf Type: Fuzzy Regular Leaf
    Fruit Type: Cherry
    MultiFlora? ?

    Male Parent
    Variety: 93X F3 1
    Growth Type: Micro
    Leaf Type: Regular
    Fruit Type: XXLarge Cherry (Red)
    MultiFlora? Yes (ish)

    Name Seed Available?
    149X F1 Some
    149X F2 A good amount

    I am growing 24 149 F2 plants in 8 cm (3 inch) pots in a greenhouse.16 of the 24 are completely covered in gray fur. The others have furry stems, but their leaves are normal. Eight plants have produced one cherry-sized red tomato at the top. This exhausted two of them - they dried up and died, with their little tomatoes still in place. The tomatoes have few seeds - one had none, one had one, a couple had two, and one had three. None had exceptional flavour.


      Well, one good thing about the fuzzy ones I grew two years ago: deer didn't like the fuzzy leaves, so didn't eat the plants.

      So I'm trying again to see if I can find a good-tasting tomato.

      This year, I'm growing 15 in pots. 3 are very fuzzy, and 3 have very narrow carrot leaves.