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Dwarf Mocha Cherry x Reverend Mike Keyes

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    Dwarf Mocha Cherry x Reverend Mike Keyes

    This is my first cross, and it appears to have been successful. I am currently growing out the F1. Anyone, please feel free to correct anything I may be wrong on, or misstating.

    Goal: Multi Flora variations of antho fruited indeterminates

    Mother: Dwarf Mocha Cherry, plum fruited variation - is a small dwarf determinate (~24 inches tall), with heavy production of plum shaped tomatoes with fairly good expression of Anthocyanin in the fruits, when exposed to light. Given the low profile and denseness of the plant, there was not an opportunity for fruits to be fully exposed.

    Father: Reverend Michael Keyes - indeterminate multi or centi-flora, with very good fruit set on trusses, producing grape shaped, nippled red tomatoes

    Possible Antho genes from my research: Abg, Aft, atv

    Gene descriptions from TGRC
    • Abg - Fruit epidermis purple, particularly on shoulder and where exposed to direct light; also enhanced by wounding. introgressed from S. Lycopersicoides LA2408 -
    • Aft - Anthocyanin in green and ripe fruit; environmentally sensitive, absent when shaded. Introgressed from S.Chilense LA0458
    • atv - Excess anthocyanin on leaves, stems, and fruits; introgressed from L. Cheesmanni LA0434 - Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands
    Abg and Aft are both dominant, while atv is recessive. Aft seems to be the gene I see referenced more when talking about antho tomatoes, more commonly - but it is also mentioned that the combination of Aft/atv is needed. The two F1s I have growing at the moment from this cross are both neither Multi-Flora, nor Antho positive. The fruits do have green shoulders though, and are shaped more like the DMC mother.

    I suppose this is to be expected if Aft and atv are both required for full Antho expression. ref

    Based on the reference linked above, it appears I should attempt F2 grow out during the colder periods, which I can accomplish over winter in my garage under higher powered LED lights.

    I will need to select for both Aft/atv expression as well as the MF expression (likely gene s with the s-classic allele), additionally I will need to select for heavy fruit set. Given that RMK likely has the "s-classic" allele, this may not be so hard to do since the parent set fruit on nearly every flower.

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