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Nutrient deficient mutant

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    Nutrient deficient mutant


    I have an F1 population of double hybrids derived from four different varieties. Out of ~50 plants, there is one that appears to have a mutation that I believe is causing a nutrient deficiency. Out of my own curiosity, I'm wondering if anyone knows what the deficiency might be. I'm better at identifying them in older plants that are under-fertilized but this has looked the same since it sprouted. The leaves are yellow and the growth clearly stunted. All plants in this picture are the same age and have been treated the same; this is the only plant that looks different.

    One of the four varieties used for the double hybrid consistently shows what appears to be something like magnesium deficiency when young but grows out of it after reaching about three feet tall, probably because of the larger root system at that age. I don't know if that's the cause and the mutation was passed down and is now worse, or if this is a different mutation that cropped up. I'm going to try growing it and maybe the plant will get large enough to produce seeds.


    Click image for larger version  Name:	Nutrient deficient DH mutant.png Views:	5 Size:	817.2 KB ID:	1442
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    I wish I knew enough to be able to help you figure it out. When you grow tomatoes in pots instead of the ground, how do you fertilize them?


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      I just use the MiracleGro granular vegetable fertilizer, 1 tsp per gallon, and feed them once every week or two unless they show deficiency symptoms.

    Has Chartreuse leaf color gene maybe?


      I don't think so, it presents as a deficiency and disappears once the plant is more established.


        Is there a chance the beta carotene gene is in it's history? Caro Rich and Jaune Flamme babies look similar.