This site kind of sprung up after the admin of Tomatoville announced he would be sunsetting that site. I learned a lot over there, and thankfully another member has started a new site to carry that torch. Head over to tomatojunction.com and check them out!

Since Rajun has his site going over there, I will be focusing this site more on breeding, grow journals, and garden diaries.

A little about me - for those that might be curious:
I am a CTO of a Home-Health Software company by day, and got that company off the ground by acting as lead software developer and infrastructure admin (Amazon Web Services/Cloud). I've been in IT since ~1998 and have contributed to open source projects and developed a few of my own. Currently, I'm shifting focus in my life more towards gardening, homesteading and perhaps, growing for market.

I've recently developed an interest in breeding and exploring cultivars/lines that grow well in our environment. I invite you to join me in this journey!