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    The weather lately has really thrown my plans for a loop. It all started with the tropical storm that moved through, and it's not stopped since. We've had 10" of rain in the last two-ish weeks, 4" of that in the last few days, and they are calling for 3+" this weekend. We have standing water everywhere, and it's been standing for days. Mosquitoes are out of control - worst we've ever experienced here over 12 years, and the micros have mostly died. The ones that haven't died are surrounded by 18+" of crabgrass. Thankfully I saved some seeds before all this hit - but I've not been able to do much of anything outside for two weeks now. I am hoping I can salvage some more fruits from the 99X and 125X F1s, and maybe grab a few from the 150X F2s. One of the MMF looked to be fruiting heavily as all this set in.

    The indeterminate tomatoes are looking pretty sad, the plants are not totally dead yet, but with all the rain, any foliage 4' and down is dead. Okra seem to be loving the weather though. Too bad I hate the stuff and am only growing it because my daughter likes it pickled! Peppers are actually doing ok, though mostly fallen over as I didn't cage them.

    Is anyone else dealing with this craziness?
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    We are on the other side of that weather pattern so it has been hot, dry and windy. At least we seem to have seen the last of the high 90s for a while and it is a more moderate high 80s/low 90s during the day with our nights dropping down to the mid to low 50s.
    We have had multiple days with red flag warnings for fire danger recently and now have a wild fire southwest of us which means we have been smelling smoke and breathing it for the last few days.

    The micros are all in the front yard "garden" and have gotten some good soakings grin DH or I have turned on the sprinkler in the evening and forgotten it until the next morning... considering how well all the plants in the front yard are doing I may make that my default method for watering during this weather. The rest of the garden in the back yard has not been forgotten and they have only had the sprinklers run for 2 or 3 hours at a time but have been watered more.
    Most of my micros have tomatoes on them.
    Nothing ripe yet except the Micro Tom ( I think I know the plant I want seeds from now) Pearly Pink Orange and Stupice has nearly ripe tomatoes. No color showing on anything else...
    Provider has been living up to is name cranking out bush beans. It is almost done but the pole beans are starting to produce beans. Coco Noir has been really cranking out beans also but those are for dry beans... Next year I will plant more and use some for snap beans. Vermont Cranberry is flowering but no beans yet same with Good Mother Stoddard but again those are dry beans so what I have when winter comes is what counts. My Borage plant is loaded with flowers pulling in all the local pollinators so for a change my pepper plants are full of peppers I will repeat that plant spacing next year. By the way Pretty n Sweet Pepper is listed an ornamental but makes loads of really good small sweet peppers and my bell pepper this year is Takii's New Ace Pepper large and so far I over 6 on one plant...
    My squash of course love the warmth as long as they get the water they need so those are just now taking off. Tomboncino, Bennings Green Tint and Rond de Nice have me impatient for squash big enough to eat...
    My okra plants all 2 are not happy they don't like the cool nights...
    AND shockingly my snow peas and sugar snaps are still pumping out flowers and peas! Even my shell pea plants are still growing a pod here and there same with my dry peas I am trialing this year.