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New User Registration - Important!

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    New User Registration - Important!

    We've been receiving a relatively large number of spam signups recently, and apparently reCaptcha is not doing its job. To that end, I've modified the user signup system to enable some different anti-spam mechanisms.

    ReCaptcha has been replaced by two new systems:
    • Question/answer prompting
      When signing up you will be presented with a question, and must type in an answer. Right now, there are only a couple questions, and only one is presented. If you get it wrong, another question will be presented. I am likely to add more questions over time. The answers should be fairly easy for those people who are legitimate users with an interest in tomatoes. At least one question answer is found on this site, and another is found easily by a google search.
    • A anti-forum-spam service which compares email/username/IP to a list of known spammers. This service returns a confidence score, and if the confidence is below a certain threshold, the registration will be rejected.
      It is possible this service flags legitimate users. If this happens to you, then you can go here and fill out the form to request a whitelist exception for your email address. Once approved, we will let you know - and you can then register. This form is only available for Guests.

    And finally, I'm removing several user accounts which appear to be illegitimate. These are users which registered with suspicious usernames and/or email addresses and have not visited the site since they signed up. If you are a legitimate user and had your account removed, please fill out the form mentioned in the second bullet list item.

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