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Wilting plants

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    Wilting plants

    I am attempting to grow tomatoes hydroponically for the first time. The plants started off well and have produced fruit. However, they have just started to wilt. I have done nothing different to them in the last week. They are grown in buckets outside. I change the water weekly. It is well water. The plants have very healthy roots.
    We have just hit very high temperatures (85-90 F)

    My ph is acceptable. Is there anything I should test for? Or, a solution on how to turn them around?

    ​​​​​​​Any help will be appreciated.

    Hello there and welcome. Do you have any pictures? How long have they been wilted? Is it the entire plant? Do you have any other issues (yellowing leaves, brown spots, purple stems, etc)? What does your feeding/fertilizer schedule look like? Assuming you are injecting oxygen into the water with an air pump of some kind?

    I've only tried hydroponics one time, also with well water, and keeping the algae under control was pretty difficult and ultimately was too much work to keep up with. Other than your current issue, glad to hear you've had some success!