Recieved seeds from SeanInVa and am sitting on them a little until I can get the trays of peppers I'm overwintering sorted. Recieved seed is

MTDP - 30/ 113x F3 5/ 33x x 7H13 8" carrot leaf XG production Brown? (super exciting if it's brown, need to dig into its lineage)

MTDP - 9/ 163x F3 8/ 134x x 118x 9" carrot leaf orange/red good production 50g

So happy to have carrot leaf to play with!

Meanwhile my earliest crosses here, Sweet Baby Jade x "aerogarden heirloom", "aerogarden heirloom" x sweet baby jade, and Hardin's mini x sweet baby jade are progressing some. The Hardin's mini crosses are miniscule, with the same curled leaves I get from the original Hardin's Mini. Honestly I didn't think they liked my house much but then they produced a ton of fruit, we'll see if this one does similar. Meanwhile the other two, or the other one and its reciprocal, are at 3-4 leaves and looking quite small, basically in line with the Fat Frog planted in the same tray.

I pulled seed from a KARMA miracle x sweet cherriette cross (sweet cherriette is a sweet small red cherry that grows to fill whichever pot you put it in and hapily bushes out and produces, so it's huge in a 5 gallon but also grows perfectly happily in a 1gal, it's also quite early, KARMA miracle is a saladette multicolour PL with great flavour, it's a compact full sized plant) which I'm hoping to fold into some minis, will plant a couple when they're done fermenting.

I also took cuttings from dwarf saucy mary, bundaberg rumball, and uluru ochre so I can play with them over the winter. We've had our killing frost by now so nothing more is happening outside.