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135x F4-1-1-M & 135x F5-1-1-3 Results

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    135x F4-1-1-M & 135x F5-1-1-3 Results

    This was my first attempt to grow micros in my greenhouse, and quickly learned my limitations. Many plants suffered from heat and mold due to the lack of air movement. I also planted plants too close to each other. I installed a fan, but too late.

    I hope to fix things so I can give a proper assessment in the future. I'm attaching some of my more interesting results below for 135x.

    135x F4-1-1-M

    All of my greenhouse plants were in 1 gallon containers. I put some leftover seedlings outside in small cups. Outside, they were pollinated correctly, but stayed very small since their container was small. One mega blossom, then smaller flowers. Big fruit!

    135x F4-1-1-M-OUT3:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20200929_201902401.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20201017_000457377.jpg
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    135x F5-1-1-3

    The most interesting plant to come out of this batch was a striped yellow antho carrot leaf. I could tell it was different at cotyledon seedling stage. More yellow than the other seedlings. The plant grew taller than the others (15") and tree-like.

    135x F5-1-1-3-1MW:
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20201020_014717383.jpg
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Name:	PXL_20201020_014824599.jpg
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    Thanks, Mark

    Interesting colors. I find the purple/green stripes quite often, but not the yellow/red so much. I have a couple of 135X F4s or F5s that are about to show their true colors. The plants are a bit larger than I had hoped, but the fruits look interesting.

    When the plants show an early fused blossom, I usually snip it off. Otherwise, there usually isn't much additional fruit that is of any worth. The one fruits seems to take all the plant has to give.


      Love your pictures and the size of that fruit is amazing! Were they all stick like plants in the end? Did you get additional substantial fruit at all?
      Super work!