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About 12X

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    About 12X

    Female Parent
    Variety: (Red Robin X Rose Quartz Multifora) F3
    Growth Type: Micro
    Leaf Type: Regular Leaf
    Fruit Type: Cherry
    MultiFlora? Yes

    Male Parent
    Variety: (Pink Pioneer X Margaret Curtain) F1
    Growth Type: Indeterminate
    Leaf Type: Regular
    Fruit Type: Beefsteak (Pink/Black)
    MultiFlora? No
    Name Seed Available?
    12X F1 A good amount
    12X F4-DW Some
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    I received F3 seed and grew 11 plants in a garden. The tomatoes all tasted good, and a couple were delicious. Five formed big clusters but 6 were not prolific - one had only 2 little tomatoes, one had 4. The fruits all had sharp little nipples. They were 2.7 to 3.5 cm across.

    I sent seeds from three plants back to Dan.

    I have 57 seeds available from one with a good cluster of good-tasting 2.7 cm fruit.
    Diane Whitehead
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      I have 14 seedlings growing in pots. 6 are taller than the others, and I won't save seeds from them, as I want to have mini plants to fruit over the winter. This year I will sow seeds in fall instead of in March.