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    I sowed all 37 seeds sent, with 100% germination. All were initially transplanted, but only 13 were carried on past the first transplant to the second. Of those 13, 8 made through final cull.


      That tells me things I ought to be tracking more closely myself. I have a tendency to track that kind of information the same way I balance my check book - I have enough of a idea to keep myself out of trouble, but almost never know the actual number. I made a couple of attempts at tracking data that would give me that information, but have not done well at noting all the data.

      You can do a lot to help me understand this project from the perspective of someone growing them out. Since you posted those photos, I spent a bit of time trying to determine the ratio of seeds to plants brought to maturity.

      I don't approach these like a gardener or normal grower. My process is much more 'assembly lineish'. In addition to starting a higher ratio of seeds to mature plants, I pot up more than I can grow and crowd them under the lights while they are small. Then as soon as I can see a plant has characteristics such that I won't want to save seed from it, I toss it and make more room for those that still look good. Hopefully, by the time they start to mature fruit there is enough room for those left. I eventually lose track of what is happening with specific crosses or lines - unless there is something that really stands out. I've made the (mostly) conscious decision to grow out more plants at the expense of more data about each of the plants.


        Tracking the way you do makes sense when you have so many you are trying to get grown and seed saved for.

        If I had only saved the ones that were truly micros, I'd probably be left with 6 plants or so in total across both 113X and 150X. But I do have an interest in the "tweeners" - those that aren't really micros - but not really dwarves (in height) either. Primarily because I'm trying to find smaller plants for my mother's garden box and/or for containers on a deck.

        As I get more experienced with micros, I will probably adapt to being more aggressive with selections early on

        In terms of ratios
        113X 37:8
        150X 73:10

        The ratio was actually more weighted to the "plants brought to maturity" but I had a late culling - when whiteflies hit the greenhouse, I got of rid of (almost) all the plants that showed them, with the idea being I was selecting for plants that were slightly less appealing to WFs. Many of those also were late flowering plants, or had not yet set fruit whereas many of the others had. Of course many of them have WFs now - but they weren't the original targets. I also pulled some plants that didn't have WFs but had not set fruit or were flowering poorly
        I need to find my yellow sticky tape - but - I fear I will end up catching a lot of the good bugs that have also found their way into the greenhouse (small native bees)

        On March 7th, I made that culling and resulted in tossing:

        113X - 4 plants
        150X - 5 plants

        So before that late cull the ratios would have been

        113X - 37:12 (right at 1 plant for every 3 seeds sown)
        150X - 73:15 (about 1 for every 5)


          I did a rough calculation for the last micro X indeterminate F2s I started. I started with approximately 300 seeds. 48 made the first pot up. 24 made the move to the final pot and I probably eliminated 1/3-1/2 of those before maturity.