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Where does a micro end and a dwarf begin?

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    If my plants are anything to go by A should be 5 inches and under, B over 5 inches but under 13, C over 13 inches but under 24 inches.
    But I think the biggest difference between our plants and other short plants is not height. It is their proportions. I have a 15 inch high Patio Choice Yellow hybrid, this variety is supposed to top out at 18 inches . But this plant is neither a dwarf nor a micro it is simply a shorter tomato plant. It has normal leaves, not rugose like a dwarf, nor are they actually in proportion to the plant size. On the other hand even the 18 inch tall plants I have seen photos of in here look like a small plant not a short plant with big leaves.


      Originally posted by ddsack View Post
      I think MicroDwarfs is as descriptive as anything, and what I would call these, no matter the leaf types as long as they fit into the small pot size parameters . But if you want to use a more generic term, Elfin tomatoes comes to mind.
      Sorry but cute as it is Elfin is taken. I thought it was but finally did a google search and yep there it was. From Victory seeds:
      Elfin tomato is a rare cherry tear shaped tomato. It has lovely favor and a nice shape that is different from a pear or a grape. The plants are not too lanky and do well in a container. They are a nice yield that will please and yet not overwhelm you with cherries. It is an early 60 day indeterminate Heirloom. Crisp snacking tomato also good in salads. Deep red in color when ripe.
      Perhaps Miniature would fit?


        This is my Patio Choice yellow in the grow bag and micro dwarf Bonasi in the pot. Both plants are in about the same amount of dirt. Notice the difference in the leaf size on the two plants?
        Click image for larger version

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