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Blogs - A great way to update everyone on your projects!

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    Blogs - A great way to update everyone on your projects!

    The site offers a great feature for keeping your own blog. You can access this from the top menu under the "Blogs" option where you can then select "Create a New Blog". You can have more than one, so feel free to create one for each project you have going!

    What's also nice is that blog content is included in the forum search, so when users search for terms, such as a variety name that is included in your blog posts, they will show up along with normal forum posts!
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    Can the blogs only be seen by someone who is a member of Tomato-talk or are they something that can be shared to anyone? For example, could I send someone a link to my 'micro blog' and them be able to view it directly or would they need to navigate - and possibly join - the forum to see it? Or is it a blog that is strictly internal to the forum?


      You have links to Facebook and Twitter (I think) just below your name. Would you click those to share them, and then anyone on Facebook could read your post?

      Oh, I have those links now, too. I will click one to see what happens.


        The blog owner controls access to the posts. They can set the blog content to be visible to:
        • Everyone - all users, even guests
        • Subscribers - only users who have "subscribed" to the blog. Owner can moderate subscriptions.
        • Subscribers and Registered Users - essentially, everyone except guests


        • dfollett
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          A couple of questions... Are Subscribers a Subset of Registered Users or can a non-Registered User be a subscriber? How do the three groups overlap? There are Registered Users and Guests. I assume that includes everyone. Subscribers are then made up a some of both those groups?

        Guests are unregistered users (or at least, users who are not logged in)
        Subscribers are a subset of Registered Users.

        Put another way, you can limit your blog content to:

        - The whole world
        - Only registered users
        - Only registered users who have subscribed to your blog