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mildew resistant varieties

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    mildew resistant varieties

    I live in Berkeley, CA, with cool humid summers. (July average high temp is 70 degrees, with 75% humidity.) During the last few years, my tomato plants have been slammed with powdery mildew, something I'd never seen on them for the first many years of growing them. Maybe it's climate change, or a new mildew variety.

    I mostly grow heirlooms, but even locally bulletproof hybrids like Early Girl get sick. Last year, a Sprite cherry tom was fine, right next to another plant that had the worst mildew. So my question: what tomato varieties have mildew resistance?


    That's a good question. I've personally never had to deal with mildew on tomatoes - we get hotter here in eastern Virginia, with plenty of humidity - but we tend to battle other diseases. I don't have any recommendations for you as far as varieties go, but will keep my eyes open. I suppose you may need to investigate using some sprays to help keep it under control.

    This link from University of California may be beneficial to you: