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Regular Leaf vs Carrot Leaf vs Potato Leaf - Which is dominant over which?

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    ROFL I got to looking over my list of tomatoes I have seeds for and wouldn't ya know it there was one in there. I have Dwarf Mr Snow from Renaissance Farms. While he calls it a yellow dwarf the Dwarf Tomato Project describes it as white.
    Dwarf Mr. Snow is a potato leaf dwarf variety that produces oblate medium to medium large fruit that ripen to an ivory color with a pink blossom end blush.
    So dwarf, potato leaf and white which sounds like just what the doctor ordered for that project but I will also use Fred Limbaugh’s Potato Top which is a potato leafed pink heirloom similar to Brandywine and Blaue Kasachstan a potato leafed brown for the potato leaf x carrot leaf project. Seeds for both of those are from Bunny Hop.


      I realize I'm posting in all the wrong places, ?
      (I'll get on the same page eventually.) Anywho, any suggestions where I could just post an ongoing personal observation posting without
      getting so detailed.

      Just now starting to document and seed saving what is worthy.
      -Power back on after being out since Tuesday afternoon. Wicked storm we had.

      Click image for larger version

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        Another that is curious. Maybe Dan holds the clue.
        For the record, I have not grown a carrot leaf ever. 30 years of gardening.

        Clusters of 2-3. (the Shmoo salt and pepper shakers are a household joke. RedWing vintage pottery designed by EvaZeisel)

        Click image for larger version

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          Oakly I made a blog using the feature on the forum here. It is a place where I can make general observations, write down ideas for crosses, etc basically anything that comes to mind I want to keep track of for my tomatoes and/or the project.


            As far as I know, if you haven't grown Silvery Fir Tree, you haven't grown a carrot leaf. I am not aware of any other variety with that leaf type - unless you've grown some of the micros I've been sending around. My guess is that there will be quite a few carrot leaf show up over the next few years - not just in micros, but dwarfs - and maybe indeterminates.

            Indoors under lights, I like them better than either regular or potato leaf varieties. I haven't done research of any sort to know for sure, but they seem to me to do better with less lower leaf issues than the regular and potato leaf plants. That is one of the reasons I grow so many different ones.

            I have a theory as to why they do well under lights.
            • In the outdoor world, the sun starts low in the east and travels overhead and ends low in the west. In the course of the day, it has a chance to shine directly on virtually all the leaves on a plant.
            • Indoors on a shelf with a light overhead, the light doesn't move. With regular or potato leaf, any leaves beneath the upper leaves are perpetually shaded. With the carrot leaf, at least a portion of the unmoving light can penetrate through the upper canopy of leaves and reach those below.
            I'll be glad to see more people growing them to see if they see the same things and if there is anything to my ideas.


              I'll start a blog at some point.

              Dan, 148xF2 I believe is a cross of 88xF2(carrot leaf) with 93xF3(reg leaf).

              I'll check my seed maps. As far as I know, all my micros are from your crosses and only two of mine. I've not grown SilverFirTree.
              This season I'm only growing tomatoes I have grown before. Plus one dwarf bee cross heart. And your 148x-F2.
              (I may have started something from BunnyHop...she does send free seeds every order)
              I did have a 1010 36 cell tray all ready to seed at some point, but once civid lock-down hit, I lost interest. They were all new grows.
              Stuck with tried and true varieties.

              Nice to have so many varieties of micro for my winter grow so thank you for that!


                I'll try to post a pedigree chart for 148X. It goes back to Silvery Fir Tree as a great grandfather on both sides. It also has significant color variety and good size potential from both sides. I don't know if I can upload a pdf file that can then be viewed or not. We'll see.