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    Reporting Results

    We have some general guidelines right here under the "Reporting Results" tab

    And here is a template you can use to copy/paste into your own thread. Feel free to ADD new data points if you like.
    Cross Name
    Plant Number or ID
    Date Harvested
    Estimated DTM
    Plant Height
    Growth Habit
    Leaf Type
    Fruit Color
    Fruit Shape
    Fruit Size
    Fruit Taste
    Fruit Production
    Lighting Type/Power
    Container Size
    Seed Submitted To

    Here is an example to guide you on how to fill it out (these are NOT real results, just an example)
    Cross Name 150X F2
    Plant Number or ID T1C5-5
    Date Harvested 3/15/2020
    Estimated DTM 90 (from sow date)
    Plant Height 10"
    Growth Habit Bushy/stocky
    Leaf Type Regular
    Fruit Color Red with yellow stripes
    Fruit Shape Round
    Fruit Size Large cherry (18g)
    Fruit Taste Sweet
    Fruit Production Average
    Lighting Type/Power LED - 170W power draw
    Container Size 1gal trade pot
    Hardiness Grew exclusively under LED lights, night time temps around 50F
    Notes Plant grew well and remained healthy, stocky enough it did not need staking. Fruits took a long time to mature. Skin was sort of thick. Good sweet taste. Was able to save a lot of seed
    Seed Submitted To dfollett
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